2015 – Year in Review

2015 – Year in Review


Before 2015 even started, I knew it was going to be a big one. My weddings have grown steadily since 2010, but somewhere in there I hit a tipping point that resulted in shooting over double the weddings I did in 2014. I actually took more wedding photos in 2015 than in the five previous years combined. In the middle of all that, Liv and I also took the trip of a lifetime – 13 countries across 11 weeks in Europe & the UK. And moved house twice, because why not. Looking back now, the weddings I shot in the first half of the year feel more like 2 or 3 years ago…it’s a bit surreal to realise what has been crammed into these 12 months.

What these numbers actually mean is that I got to share in amazing days with more couples than ever. Hearing the inspiring stories of lovers who have moved hemispheres to make their relationships work. Having the incredibly humbling and fulfilling experience of shooting multiple weddings within the same family and/or friend circle – the highest recommendation I feel I can receive, and one that I am so thankful for. Seeing Dads tear up at the sight of their daughters. See the unmistakable look of love plastered across a groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle. Belting out John Farnham with Liv & Ash, and Lonely Island (in the middle of the street) with Loz & Adrian. Standing with Alana & Bryce in torrential downpour, and bringing water balloons to a shoot just to cool down with Naomi & Sam. Bearing witness to so many couples who love so truly and honestly that it inspires me to be a better husband. Hearing heartfelt speeches that remind me of the need to tell the people we love just what it is that they mean to us. People often ask me if I feel jaded attending so many weddings, but honestly it just makes me value them even more. Seeing each couple make the day their own – not running with traditions for the sake of traditions – makes every wedding a new experience.

To all my 2015 couples – thank you. I hope y’all know how much I value the privilege of capturing a little snippet of your lives, because it’s not something I take lightly. Congratulations on being excellent wedding’ers, and thanks for throwing me an invite along the way.

Things are shaping up nicely for 2016 – plans for some travel and weddings as always. But…a little less. Less volume, more balance. Less frills, more moments. Less 25% EXTRA hairspray cans and more cake. And some new Bieber bangers too please.

Cheers team 😀


  • That was one extra special year mate. So many great memories for both yourself, Liv and your clients! Its been fun to see, and I bet your 2016 will be even more killer!
  • Rachael
    KILLED IT! Cant wait to see what you do in 2016 :)
  • Lauren Ong
    So lucky to have found you Ben. You're the best of the best! Wishing you a very successful 2016!
  • Debbie
    Bring on 2016 - bound to be an even more amazing year for you!
  • Nice work mate! All looks amazing. 2016 will be another cracker, i'm sure.
  • Jessica Beard
    Magical! Thank you for letting us be a part of your amazing 2015.