Wallarobba Engagement Portraits ~ Elly & Oliver

As much as I love living in Newcastle now, I spent my childhood in Gloucester – a small country town not too far from here. I’m about as far as you can get from being handy on a farm, but getting back to that area always feels right. When I can shoot some photos there, even better. Elly grew up on her parents’ farm out towards Dungog, and this is where Oliver, Elly & I hung out for an afternoon a little while back. I instantly lost any ‘country cred’ I might have had by tripping up jumping a creek in the first 2 minutes of our shoot, but it all improved from there. This is my favourite type of spot to shoot in, and with Elly behind the wheel they showed me everything the farm had to offer.

It was pretty sweet watching these two together, helping each other up and over rocks, Oliver getting out for every gate and also to guide Elly down the rougher bits of the track. They’re getting hitched in just a couple of days now, it is going to be perfect.


  • Carol Gehrig
    Thank you Ben for your beautiful photos. You not only did Elly and Oliver proud but our beautiful farm as well. We can't wait for Thursday. See you there. Carol & Gerry Gehrig
  • Krishna Booth
    Beautiful! Congratulations to you both, happiness always.