Pokolbin Sunset Wedding Couple
Rainy Wedding Photo


Weddings are special because of who you share them with. I get portraits finished quickly so you can enjoy the actual day. You've heard of photos taking multiple hours - this is a waste of time. I spend 30 minutes with you, and 20 more if you have a wedding party. A good timeline is essential, so I've got tips to plan yours here.
"Every single guest at our wedding asked how we knew Ben as they assumed he was a guest and good friend who brought his camera, they all just loved him!"
– Amy
"Ben's pictures are bloody amazing. More than this, he was so nice to have around on our wedding day. He was so calming during stressful situations with family photos, and was very conscious of making sure we were having a good time! He felt like just another guest at the wedding. More than we ever expected in a photographer."
– Kristie
Candid Grandma Photographing at Wedding
Redleaf Wollombi Wedding Ceremony
48 Watt St First Dance


I let everything occur naturally. I'll organise your family groups and guide you during portraits, but that's it. Enjoy the genuine and unexpected photos alongside the emotional moments. I want photos that show who people truly are, rather than when I asked them for a photo.
"We are absolutely amazed. You can tell that this isn't just a job to Ben. He is so passionate and always looking for the next best spot or running to where the light is perfect."
– Samantha
"I don't know how one person can be everywhere at a venue all at once! He captured moments at our wedding that we didn't even know were taking place. His extensive experience is obvious."
– Mia
Night Wedding Portrait
Wedding photo in the rain
Night wedding photo


It's one thing to create gorgeous photos when you have perfect lighting and an exotic location. But, that's not usually what weddings are like. My years of experience mean that whatever situation we find ourselves in, I've seen it before and know how to get the best out of it. I love providing wall-worthy images day or night, rain or shine.
"It was raining all day at our wedding and Ben did not shy away one bit. He was completely drenched from head to toe, however this did not phase him. In fact, I think it egged him on and his enthusiasm seemed to lift the wetter he got! Even completely destroying one of his cameras in the process (he had a spare)."
– James
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A wedding is about more than just the happy couple. This unique combination of friends & family are never going to be gathered together again, so I make it a point to record it all.
"Aside from the actual photos, Ben made our day so much better by being there. His sense of humour, energy and patience is incredible and made our day stress free and fun! We still have guests telling us how hilarious and amazing he was."
– Cass
"Although we barely noticed Ben there on the day (which is the best way it can be) he will now be such a big part of our family, the photos he took will be the ones hanging on our walls, the ones we show our children and the ones we will look back on in decades to come."
– Alyce
Ben's Alumni
All of these guests are past couples of mine 🥰


My pricing is simple, and you don’t have to email me to get it. I'm happy to meet or Skype any time Mon-Fri. I use an online contract, so booking takes just a few seconds. Your photos are easily shared from your online gallery. For albums, I prepare the initial design – usually couples only tweak slightly before sending to print.

You get married, I handle the rest.

Don't just take my word for it - see what over 100 past couples had to say in my Google Reviews.
"He was our bouquet holder, buttonhole pinner, chauffeur and butler! He was there to do everything so the day went perfectly with no stress."
– Beau