Ben Howland Family on Holiday



I grew up in Gloucester. There’s not much there, but it’s a cute country town. It’s where I met Liv – we even went to the same pre-school. At 16, we decided to spend the rest of our lives together and have barely spent a day apart since.

Six years later I popped the question. We got married on my parents’ verandah. It rained, but we didn't care. 
A few years after that we were in Vegas, and what more Vegas thing to do than get married? We went for a vow renewal officiated by Elvis. It was every bit as corny and tacky as you could hope for. Both days were brilliant. Liv understands me like no one else. Having her by my side is my greatest achievement.


We moved to Newcastle the moment school ended. It’s the perfect mix of big & small, busy yet quiet. I love coming down Scenic Drive and seeing the beaches appear. I love walking around the edge of the lake, or along the breakwall. Parts of the city have become part of our relationship – the spot where I proposed, smoothies from 3 Monks, whale watching from Strzelecki,  Merewether pizzas, Sundays at Shoal Bay, gelato from Popolo, zucchini flowers from Rustica...we live to eat. We’ve moved a few times, but have settled in Cardiff. We love it here.


I started weddings in 2010, after bailing on a Visual Communications degree. While I shot weddings, I studied business to hedge my bets. By graduation, my wedding count was nearing 100 and it felt like I'd found what I was meant to be doing. My degree now sits patiently in a cupboard, awaiting a chance to be useful.

A couple once suggested that my tagline should be 'no bullshit' and I think that's accurate. Operating in an unregulated industry means there are plenty of newbies passing themselves off as veterans, without the knowledge to handle everything a wedding can throw at you. 100% of my photos are of real couples, from real weddings - no models or workshops. After well over a decade in business, I've proven I'm not chasing short term goals - I know that my reputation is my most valuable asset. Other photographers are often referred to me when they have a technical question or challenge. This job is a privilege I owe to my couples, and I never forget it. Shooting weddings still feels fresh and exciting.

I love the mix of working in the field and honing the craft - the editing, the prints, the process. I’m a gear nut and rush to grab any new equipment - I believe it's my obligation to provide couples with the best. The time we spend traveling is about the only time I shoot for myself, although since having kids I've been working on improving that.