How many possessions in your home will still be important to you in 20, 30 or 40 years?

Photos are meant to be shared and printing them in an album is the best way to do that. It's different to choosing just a few photos to frame - you can include in-between moments, the shots that glue the the story together. Shots that will take you back to the feelings of the day. The album becomes a family heirloom in a way that photos on a screen do not.
These albums have beautiful hard covers and thick, matte finish pages. The centre fold is barely noticeable and pages lay flat, so there's no worrying about faces getting smushed in the middle. You can order them in square (10x10") or portrait (9x12") format. Albums work best with a simple design. I create the first layout, after which you can request any changes.
The best way to appreciate these is in person. I have a sample album, as well as a swatch of the cover types available. You can also view the full set of cover options, along with my couples' most popular choices.