Merewether Surfhouse Wedding ~ Kate & Chris

Merewether Surfhouse Wedding ~ Kate & Chris

This Merewether Surfhouse wedding had a ton of great little moments strung together…I’d liken it to a rollercoaster in ways. Periods of nervous anticipation followed by fast and intense moments of awesomeness. And rain. Fast and intense rain. In the end, it was only wet for about 5 minutes – unfortunately smack bang in the middle of the vows. But, neither Kate & Chris or their adorable canine companions were too flustered by it. The ceremony was a bit crazy for a minute there, but thankfully the weather sealing on both my cameras and Kate’s hair held strong for us all day.

With a ceremony perched above Bar Beach and the reception down at Merewether Surfhouse, this was a Newcastle wedding through and through. Add some confetti (which I still maintain should be a legal requirement for every wedding), an amazing flower crown and a reception dancefloor flashmob to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ and you got yourself one heck of a wedding.

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  • Jan
    Caught all the magical moments...rain, sun...and of course confetti
  • Some classic moments in there mate. Looks really awesome.