Inhale the Sea – CBD

After shooting them in the dunes a few weeks back, the boys from Inhale the Sea were keen to mix things up and get some more photos to help push their new album. This time we were a bit closer to home, shooting in and around the Newcastle CBD. There’s some fantastic little nooks and crannies hiding around the city if you care to look for them. It was great fun poking around the streets and making some new discoveries in places I’d driven past all the time.

Some of the most interesting locations are unfortunately fenced up – what good is having a half empty city if it’s not open to photograph? In all seriousness though, the CBD of Newcastle is slowly getting back on its feet. I can’t wait to shoot something on the terrace of the new Post Office in the mall =) With the great work being done by initiatives such as Renew Newcastle, hopefully it won’t be long until all of the dilapidated vacancies are up and running again, even if it does mean finding somewhere new to pose my bands in front of.

The whole band was great to work with and didn’t hesitate to follow me, even when we walked into one less than welcoming laneway. It goes to show that photography is very much a combined work with effort from both the subject and photographer, and you only get out what you put in.