Paul & Lily ~ Newcastle

Paul & Lily ~ Newcastle

Having recently moved to Newcastle, I offered a bunch of locations to choose from for Paul & Lily’s engagement shoot. Lily wrote back, “I have no idea where half of them are, but we trust you!” And with that, I showed them some of my favourite spots in town.

Their wedding is 35 days away. I can’t wait.




  • Michelle
    Beautiful. Wow their hair! Love the light.
  • Love these, especially the two of them sitting on the hillside. Stunning light.
  • They make an adorable couple and these photos are just beautiful. Well done.
  • Cool! Love the photos and the couple's funkiness!
  • They look like a perfect match! Love their style and the photo of them sitting on the ground after the landscape photo. Awesome!
  • Natalie
    Those views from the hilltop are incredible! WOW! I love the set at 12 too!
  • Cool shots for a very hip couple! Love that first one!
  • She has such a lovely smile; nice work with these!
  • Lynsey T
    Beautiful work and great use of light! Love that 2nd shot!
  • What a stylish couple! Love 17 +19.