Erin & Dan ~ Caves Beach

Erin & Dan ~ Caves Beach

From the first moment of meeting Erin & Dan, you just want to be their friend. They each have a highly playful personality, the effects of which just seem to multiply when they’re around each other. It is hard not to get caught up in the atmosphere they create. With a couple like this, you just know their wedding is going to be amazing.

Early in the morning (1-2AM), the weather seemed to have other plans. I could hear the rain bucketing down outside, along with a healthy serving of thunder and lightning. By the time I woke up however, the clouds had parted, the sun was shining, and the weather stayed perfect the entire day! The time I spent with Erin getting ready, I could sense that she was itching to see Dan. She broke all previous records for the time taken to attach a boutonniere and remained cool, calm & collected as everyone else prepared around her.

Their ceremony was held overlooking the picturesque Caves Beach, a favourite location of mine. As everyone (including Dan’s family from NZ) watched on, they vowed themselves to one another and that infectious atmosphere of love and joy spread through the entire crowd.

We had the opportunity to shoot some great pictures down on the beach, before moving onto the reception held just a hop, skip and a jump away at the Surf Club. It was clear to see the excitement and joy that all the guests held at being present, although none more than the bride and groom themselves. It was truly special to be part of such an incredible day.


  • Jan Turner
    The happiest, different wedding photos I have ever seen... felt I was really there with them.... so clear - beautiful and captured the really wonderful moments.... would book you as a photographer any day.
  • Bec
    Awesome stuff Ben! I'll second shoot for you if you ever need a hand!