A wedding at home on the farm ~ Jess & Scott

A wedding at home on the farm ~ Jess & Scott

Gloucester weddings always hold that extra little something for me, with this one being no exception. Jess was in the year below mine at school, and I was only too honoured to come and photograph her wedding to Scott. It was held at Jess’ parents’ property, with an insane amount of preparation put into making sure everything was just right. Almost every element was at least partially and often completely handmade by friends & family. Seeing it all in person was simply incredible.

So many sweet little moments came together, it was hard to keep this post trimmed down. These days are why I do what I do, and when it’s back home everything is all the more special for it. A perfect day.

day before

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  • Jess TW
    Amazing work Ben!!
  • Gwen Lambert
    Beautiful Ben so sorry I missed it. Jess was a gorgeous bride whole wedding looked awesome .
  • Jan Turner
    Wow and more wow...what a memory of great photos...an extraordinary photographer!