Twenty Two

Twenty Two

I had to push an update out for my website today – a small change, but a significant one at that. I have my age as part of my introduction, and today that ticked over another year – out of the ‘prime’ of 21 and into the ‘early twenties’ of 22. Until now each birthday was pretty easy to process. For 18 and 21 you even get the added benefit of people treating you extra awesome, as though you have won a prize for simply managing to exist this far. Now my next milestone isn’t until I turn thirty. THIRTY!!! I think I need to sit down.

On my birthday last year, I was shooting at a wedding in the Hunter Valley – pretty much the perfect present for me! I’m not shooting a wedding today but I’m still really excited for where my photography is taking me. I spent the last two days watching the NSW/ACT AIPP Print Awards, where many of the state’s best photographers showcased their work. It was inspiring to witness the quality on display and even though I didn’t enter this year, I still gained a lot from it. On Thursday I get to hang out with a bunch of other awesome wedding photographers in Sydney – there really is a great sense of community within the industry and something I’m really proud to be a part of. Then on Saturday, I’m second shooting for another photographer at what should be a beautiful wedding. I can’t wait to compare my shots to a year ago.

You all know already that I love shooting – it was recently asked of me whether my hand was surgically attached to the camera. But perhaps even more than I love that, I love hanging out with my friends. When I get to take pictures while being with my friends, my eyes light up like a little child who has just been told they have won free chocolate for life, and I go a little crazy as I attempt to kill the shutter button on my camera. My friends all know of this obsession, and one of them even gave me what is perhaps the best shirt for a photographer ever. As a note for my photographer friends, yes, I used the shirt to meter from 😉 The shots below are from a dinner I had this weekend just gone. I have some great weddings hitting the blog soon – until then…

I AM THE 18%

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