You look good in photos when you're relaxed, which isn't easy if it's something you're not used to. Portraits are an excuse to get in front of a camera so that it's smooth sailing on the wedding day.


I shoot portraits year round - any time between your booking and the wedding date. 

Portraits can only be scheduled on weekdays. The best light is usually at sunset, so I start around 1h 15m before then. To find the sunset time, just Google with date and location - 'sunset newcastle nov 7'. If you work office hours, daylight savings (October to April) can make things easier, as you get to your shoot without needing time off work.

If you're having a hair / makeup trial, scheduling this for the same day is a great idea.
backlit watagan forest rain engagement photo


Travel is included within an hour of Newcastle. I love shooting new locations if we can. My furthest portraits were in San Francisco so if you have something further away in mind, please ask! 

Is there somewhere special to you as a couple? Somewhere you like to visit? It could be the area you grew up in, or currently live. Do you or someone you know have access to property? Does your work or sport club have something available? I shoot in parks & beaches, but have also used city streets, farms, sand dunes, warehouses, pubs, vineyards and couple's own homes.

what to wear

Wear what you feel comfortable in.

- Leave everything in the car. Fiddling with sunnies, phones or bags kills the flow of the session. I bring a small bag that can hold your wallet + keys.

- Avoid large lettering + logos.

- It doesn't matter if you go formal or casual, but match your partner. It will be weird if one of you is dressed to the nines and the other is rocking thongs.

- Choosing something with a bold colour can help you pop from the background.

- Think about your shoe choice. If we're walking across sand, rocks or long grass, wearing heels will not be worth it. 
red lipstick engagement photo


I love including pets! It's best to have some photos with and without them. This works two ways :

- I come to your place first for pet shots before heading to our other location.

- If they're coming with us, have an extra person help out. You can't relax if you're keeping one eye on your pet, especially when we're around people and roads.
engagement photo on the farm with a cow
Portraits always leave you more confident at the end than you were at the beginning. Don't worry about your first few minutes, the best shots always come at the end. 

Images take around a week to be delivered via online gallery, where you can download them ASAP. A copy is also included on the wedding USB in due time.