Before I was a photographer, I used to think of photography as pure documentation - you were there, you pressed the button, you got a photo based on what was in front of you. As I grew into this career however, I realised that is not entirely true. The work of a photographer reflects their own values and priorities. It reflects what they consider worthy of photographing, what they feel is important. Since becoming a parent, kids at weddings are an entirely new vibe for me, especially when the couple themselves are already parents as well. Emma & Luke have a gorgeous son Will, and he was ever-present in my photos of this day. He had the full spectrum of typical toddler behaviour, from an angelic cherub to full-blown meltdowns. You love to see it.

The other element that springs to mind from this day was the incredible sunset. I try not to put too much internal pressure on myself for sunset photos - the light is outside of my control and in truth they're only a small part of the day. But when the sunset is this good,'ll see.

This was a heavily Newcastle wedding - prep at the Crystalbrook, ceremony at St Mary's, and reception at possibly the most Novocastrian of Novocastrian venues, Fort Scratchley.

Florist : Me Oh My
Dress : Made with Love Bridal
Suit : MJ Bale
Styling : Cupids Corner
Hair : Sophie Agnes
MUA : Courtney Nolan
Ceremony Music : Elisa Cate
Reception Music : Matt McLaren