I've always enjoyed photograping people in their own spaces, typically their homes. I never really got to do it much before, never pushed for it or asked for it. And yet, when I started my family sessions, I kind of made it mandatory to at least start in the home. It just felt right. That has opened a line of visual exploration that I love so much. Never moreso is this the case when I shoot back home around Gloucester, and when that home is a farm with plenty of room to play.

The Lauries live a little out of town. There are chickens, there are horses, there is a river, there are wide open paddocks as far as the eye can see. A photographic goldmine, really. I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon trying to remotely capture this gorgeous family in this beautiful environment. I came away on such a creative high and I only hope I can run plenty more sessions just like this moving forward.