Banjo Paterson Cottage Wedding ~ Sam & Sara

Banjo Paterson Cottage Wedding ~ Sam & Sara

As those who’ve followed my blog for a while will know, I love to second shoot for other photographers as well as take on my own bookings. Kylie Fergusson is a wonderful photographer who runs Firefly Images down on the Central Coast, and I was lucky enough to shoot for her at Sam & Sara’s Sydneyside ceremony.

I knew Sam and I would get along fine after turning up to see him getting ready for the wedding with a few solid rounds of GoldenEye on the N64. After throwing on a suit there was just time remaining to squeeze in 3 or 4 more rounds before we left for the ceremony.

Banjo Paterson Cottage provided the perfect setting, with guests arriving by ferry. We got some of that golden hour light that every photographer loves before hearing the speeches held on the lawn. After experiencing my own wedding just a few weeks before, I remember feeling a newfound appreciation for just how special that time is, and how Sam & Sara must have been feeling surrounded by their friends and family. It was a moment that made me feel so grateful to be able to share in such an emotional time of people’s lives.

These two were a pleasure to photograph, and you could sense how closely they valued everyone who joined them as guests. The day was filled with happiness & celebration – cheers for bringing me along Kylie! 🙂


  • Nice work Ben. Looks great on the new site too.
  • Olivia
    Really well done. Amazing.
  • Lego cufflinks!! Very nicely done!