Backyard Wedding Newcastle

Backyard Wedding Newcastle

I love photographing weddings held in family homes.


I love discovering new pockets of my city I never knew existed.


I love meeting couples who you just ‘click’ with straight away.


I love it when those couples trust me to make their photos the best they can be, even when it means abandoning their dinner halfway through.


And as you might have guessed, I love it even more when all of those things combine, such as at Sophie & Luke’s backyard wedding. The day played out at Sophie’s parents’ place, just a hop skip and a jump over from my own. Sophie’s Dad had manicured the gardens to a centimetre level of precision. Ceremony in the front yard, drinks in the back, and a few tables spread on the verandah for the reception. Everything felt smooth and relaxed, with plenty of time for everyone to kick back with some games in the afternoon. At sunset, I threw them in my car and whisked them around to a couple of my favourite local back streets. It was one of those weddings that simply warms your heart with the amount of good vibes flowing around. You can’t beat it.