why second shooters are awesome

One of the choices I offer is to have a second shooter (photographer) attend alongside myself at the wedding. Most couples respond to this something like, 'What? Huh? We just hired you, why do we need someone else?' A second shooter is rarely a requirement, but 99% of weddings can definitely benefit from one. Here's how.


The main bonus of having a second is that I can (more or less) be in two places at once. The time this makes the biggest difference is when you're getting ready. Guys aren’t usually getting ready until about an hour beforehand – about the same time girls are adding their finishing touches. I always like to squeeze in 5 minutes of portraits before we head to the ceremony, especially with your Mum & Dad if they're around (this cuts down the time on formal photos later). The last thing I want to do is force guys to suit up super early just for photos, so this keeps everyone happy without me getting in the way.

The further apart each half of the wedding is getting ready, the more valuable a second becomes. Each wedding is different, so let me know your details as early as possible to work out the best plan of action.


Wherever I am, a second will be capturing the scene from a different angle. Covering the ceremony from both sides simultaneously makes for less moving back and forth. A second can also be handy for shooting the reception room before guests enter while I hang out with the bridal party, or shooting candids of guests while I shoot family formals.

more photos

This one's pretty obvious - more photographers = more photos at the end of the day. Here's some of the stuff my seconds have shot.

dealing with tough conditions

Sometimes, you just need an extra set of hands to make things work. The second photographer might not be actually taking the image that gets delivered, but they're doing everything else to get things set. Finding a car park while I get out and start shooting. Drying off unused cameras when it's raining. Carrying extra gear that I'd otherwise leave in the car. And sometimes, standing in an absolute downpour so I can get my lighting perfect before the couple jumps in for 2 seconds.


Two is one and one is none. I always bring doubles of everything I need to do my job – except myself. A second is a great way to ensure continuous coverage should I be incapacitated / hospitalised / whatever-other-disaster-you-can-think-of on the day itself.

who will be our second?

I draw my seconds from a group of experienced colleagues, based on availability. Usually I will have shot for them also – it’s important for me to know that my second works with the same style that I do. I don’t need to know if you’re having a second at the time of booking, but I do need at least 6 weeks' notice from the wedding date.

I currently offer second shooters in chunks of 4, 6 or 8 hours for $400, $500 & $600 respectively. I genuinely feel that they are a huge benefit to the overall coverage of a wedding. Having a second for 4 hours is an excellent choice for almost every wedding. Certain timelines and larger weddings tend to benefit from longer coverage. If you’re not sure what you need, let me know and we can sort it out.