Vineyard Engagement

At their core, engagement shoots are just a construct to produce some photos. The thing is, that’s not how taking photos works. To make something genuine you need to photograph a real experience. I really love when we can turn ‘just a photoshoot’ into a fun afternoon for couples to relax & explore, a day they will really remember. Greta & Nick are Sydneysiders, but they made a weekend out of a visit to the Hunter Valley. This session was right in the midst of corona-craziness, when we already knew their wedding would have to be postponed. You wouldn’t know they had anything else on their minds though. We met at the beautiful Hanging Tree Wines and spent an afternoon wandering the grounds. I’m sure I used the direction ‘frolic’ several times, but I mean, look at that long grass. Built for frolicking. Floriction? Floriscence? It doesn’t matter. As you can see, they nailed it.