Update for March

The last month has flown by. I’ve been busy doing a little bit of everything – everything except blogging, apparently. I only managed to squeeze out one post during March – sorry! Let this be the first step in correcting that error. I love capturing images but I’m not quite so skilled at getting the words on the page. Or the screen, as it were. But without further rambling, a small update on what has been going on :

  • I have designed & submitted my first album with the new provider, Queensberry. Their reputation is unparalelled and I can’t wait to get it delivered to my door. Passing it on to Melissa & Adam is going to be tough!
  • I have applied for a space with the excellent initiative Renew Newcastle. I have seen RN doing their fantastic work all across the Newcastle CBD and would love to be able to contribute my small part to brightening our city. Competition is tough though, so I will have to wait and see how it goes. Cross your fingers for me!
  • I have been able to second shoot a few weddings for Josh, of Living Light Photography. Seeing how another photographer approaches a wedding day has been great. The more I discover about our local photography community, the more that I am encouraged that I am working in the right industry.
  • A new website design is on the way! I wanted to put more of a focus on the images and make them easier to access. I don’t have an ETA as of yet, but it is coming.
  • My 21st birthday slipped in there as well – on the day of a wedding no less! You can see me getting ready to dig into some birthday cake in the picture below. Om nom nom. Delicious.

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  • Jan Turner
    The night was great and the cake delicious!