Rustic Country Wedding ~ Ash & Adam

There’s no mistaking the hospitality and feeling of a good rustic country wedding. It’s starting out the day being offered a beer at the bowlo. The flowers being delivered in a paint bucket. Bridesmaids crossing a cattle grid in heels without a second thought. A sewing machine for a signing table, some tins hanging off the back of the wedding truck, a mouthful of Jatz as an afternoon snack. It’s the way everyone instantly came together to protect the band’s gear when it started raining. The way no one rushes when lining up for the buffet. When the wedding gifts are made by hand instead of being bought. So many of these little touches and more make for such a special event. Every time I shoot back home is a privilege and I’m so thankful to Ash & Adam for letting me crash their cornfields and document their day.

Girls Prep Location : The Ridge
Hire/Styling : Crab Apple Vintage
Dress : Atelier Rose
Suits : Gentlemen’s Outfitters
Hair/Makeup : Southern Belle
Music : Jackson Broadway

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