Our Wedding

Our Wedding

The past week of my life has been a dream, a beautiful blur of memories that seem almost too good to be true. On Saturday the 2nd of March 2013, as I spend many Saturdays, I was at a wedding. I still had camera(s) in hand, but I was not the photographer. I was the groom. The morning felt quite surreal – as if everything was a giant dress rehearsal for the real thing. It was incomprehensible that the day we had spent 10 months planning and almost 7 years coming towards was finally here. I watched as the carefully orchestrated pieces of the puzzle all fell into place. It rained – heck, it poured. We didn’t care. We got wet. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced, we Gangnam’ed.

And, I took some photos.

We arrived in Gloucester on the Thursday (Liv’s birthday).
This was the last blue sky we saw until the honeymoon.

I can’t even begin to explain the happiness that extends from marrying Liv at long last. Our day was everything we had hoped it could be. Having everyone important close to us on the same day was an incredible experience. So many thanks to those of you reading this who contributed, your efforts are truly appreciated.

And Liv, thank you for giving me the honour of being your husband.


  • Jo
    This is too much! *tear* These are memories for life! Thank you for letting me be a part of it :)
  • Mark
    Yes, it took months to plan,yes it rained but the day was AWESOME.
  • debbie
    A beautiful day Ben and Liv - you are meant to be! Ironic that your last sentence Ben re-visits the very same words I spoke at our wedding 30 years ago ... "lastly I'd like to thank Mark for asking me to marry him" I remember them well! Same table, same vase - does that mean you'll be bald one day?
  • Judy & Bruce Collier
    Congrats to you both - Ben I almost did not recognise you with the facial hair!!! - I got a lump in my throat reading your beautiful words and the photos are great! Marriage is a wonderful thing and when you love someone so much, it is a beautiful life to be able to spend it with that person - love to you both Jude & Bruce & Jarrod & Hayden xoxo
  • Bec
    awwwww.. I love this!! Love this perspective from you as a groom/photographer. Perfection.
  • Congrats to you both. It really hits home, of how awesome it is to live your own wedding day, when you spend so much of your life living the wedding days of others.