the best wedding vendors in Newcastle + the Hunter Valley

Assembling your team of wedding professionals can be tough if you don't know where to look. And when you find someone who does incredible work, what if they're a jerk to deal with?

My time in the industry has let me meet the best of the best. You can't go wrong with any of the fine businesses listed below.


If you're looking for a stylist, The Wedding Designer are unbeatable. TWD handle styling, hire, graphic design and florals all under the one roof. They have everything you could possibly want, and if not they can make it anyway.

The Wedding Designer


Jacie Whitfield - Jacie prepares incredibly detailed, personal ceremonies. I've never been so disappointed when a ceremony actually ended.

Wed by Kez - If you like my no-bullshit approach to weddings, you're going to LOVE Kez.

Monty King - Will smash out your ceremony like a boss and smash down a beer straight afterwards. Top bloke.

Julie Muir - I could listen to Julie read the phone book. Best accent ever and a lovely person as well.

Ben Ager - based in Sydney, he has a knack for making all of your guests feel included.

Rosie Beaton - also Sydney based, you might know her from her time at Triple J. Awesome ceremonies with tons of personality.
design patrol wedding videography


Of all the vendors at a wedding, photographers and videographers work closest together - literally. Inexperienced video teams are a huge imposition on the day and will definitely drag down the quality of your photos. The teams listed below are professionals who produce quality work and blend in seamlessly.

I Heart Productions
Design Patrol
La Lune
Wildwood Cinematic



Chic Artistry

Ilona Kish is the best standalone MUA you can get. I also love working with Kimidoll.

Michelle Jackson is my pick for hair.


For Newcastle & Hunter Valley DJ's, Silent Shout are the way to go.

For Sydney + Southern Highlands, XYDJ are the absolute best.