Nautical Wedding ~ Nick & Allanah

Nautical Wedding ~ Nick & Allanah

I remember the moment just after Allanah put her dress on. She looked across at a mirror on the wall, and saw herself as a bride for the first time. The excitement ran across her face and manufactured itself into a smile that filled her entire face. There was barely a moment where Allanah wasn’t smiling – you got the sense that her petite frame was jam-packed with joy.

I remember the moment when Nick first saw Allanah coming down the aisle. He tried to hold it together, but despite his best efforts, couldn’t quite do so. It’s OK mate, I’ve been there. It’s a tall order. Allanah just kept right on smiling. If you take a look at her Dad, it’s easy to see where she gets it from.

Sometimes, it seems that it’s easy to get caught up in everything surrounding the wedding – the dress, the venue, the food, right down to the cufflinks and the centrepieces. The best weddings though, rely on none of those things. The best weddings are full of heart – the looks you catch between the bride & groom, the speeches that come from within and not from Google, the hugs you see where neither party wants to let go. Nick & Allanah are absolute legends, and their wedding was positively overflowing with heart.

A special couple, an amazing day, and one hell of a dancefloor.

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  • Awesome wedding Ben.