This Moravia Park wedding was one to remember.

Linds is a midwife. We met while Liv & I were in hospital for the birth of our daughter Hazel in 2018. What ensued from there was a seemingly never-ending whirlwind of changed plans around COVID restrictions and eventually us both having more kids. Eventually we arrived at Linds & Ben's wedding in June 2021. Not me Ben, her husband Ben, but I was there too. Stick with me here.

This was my first visit to Moravia Park and let me tell you, it cleans up real nice. It nails the vibe of looking like a country barn, without feeling like they just moved the tractor outside last night.

Literally as this wedding was still in progress, the Sydney lockdown was announced. Linds & Ben breathed a sigh of relief that they had managed to squeeze in by the narrowest of margins. With knowledge that this might be the last party for a while, party on they did. I'll never forget the heartfelt rendition of WAP that closed out the night.

What a bloody brilliant day.

Venue : Moravia Park
Celebrant : Julie Muir
Dress : Grace Loves Lace
Hair : Ricki (Pandora's Hair)
MUA : Olivia Richards
Music : Demage
Signage : Ink & Snow
Pet Sitter : Wedding Paws
Cake : Melrose Cakes