Melbourne Portraits – Sophie & Leigh

“You’re not from here, are you?” asked a passerby to Sophie, noticeably wearing a single layer in the not-quite-freezing-but-far-from-warm Melbourne weather. Soph informed them they they were indeed locals, but she had sacrificed wearing her jacket in the name of the photos. No pain, no gain. I’ve wanted to shoot a portrait session in Melbourne ever since my first visit, and last week I finally got that chance. These two are kind of crazy cute together – my only regret was that I couldn’t extend this shoot for another 10 or 12 hours. An awesome city with so much to love, and a couple so in love to share it with.

Sophie & Leigh.


  • Awesome work Ben. Melbourne surely agrees with you :)
  • Amanda
    Love them! The one of the street corner is my fave! They look awesome!
  • Matt Smith
    Smashed it! Love it Ben