Lizottes Newcastle ~ Hamish White

When I first met with Hamish to discuss shooting images for his soon-to-be-released record, it was obvious he had a very clear vision for the style he wanted to project. As we sat and talked in a busy Beaumont St cafe, he showed me the images and sketches he had collected. The more that we talked, and later on as I heard more of his music, it become obvious that he has great motivation and a deep passion for the music that he is producing. It was a pleasure to be a translator from audio to visual and be a part of his project.

We shot these images in a beautiful local theatre/restaurant called Lizottes. I hadn’t been there previously, but it was just perfect for the look we were after.

You can find Hamish’s blog here, or his Facebook page here. The record should be out soon, it will be great to see these images in print.