Most couples have never done this before, so it can be confusing narrowing down such a significant choice. Here are some tips to help.


If the photos don't make you feel something, all else is pointless.
It's not about finding the 'best', but someone on the same page as you.

- Are there more candid moments, or arranged for the camera?

- Do they only shoot certain types of weddings? Big/small, indoors/outdoors, location style, specific religions

- Do the couples look genuinely relaxed, or like they've been asked for a photo?

- What is the editing like? Is it consistent? Is it colourful or desaturated, lighter or darker? 

The photographer will spend more time with you than anyone else, so relax around them and be yourself. An in-person meeting is great, or a Skype/Zoom chat at least.


You can spend as little or as much as you like, so decide how important the photos are to you.

- How many hours of coverage are on offer?

- How many photographers? Multiple are rarely necessary.

- Are files included? Are they high res, watermark free and how large will they print?

- Are prints or albums available? Ask to see physical samples.

It's useless having albums / prints if the photos aren't your style. Prints can be ordered later, but once the day is done the photos can never be re-taken.

If you're tossing up between a higher priced photographer for fewer hours, or a cheaper photographer for longer, I'd always recommend picking whoever's photos connect with you the most. Longer coverage is great, but the key parts of the day can fit within a shorter window.


Usually, your venue will dictate your options. Ask your venue + vendors what they have over a 1 - 2 month range, so you can find a date that works for everyone. Vendors won't hold a date without a deposit, so lock it in once your date is certain.


Wedding photography can involve stunning locations & incredible light, but usually it's taking limited circumstances and turning them into something amazing. An experienced photographer will always keep their cool, which lets you relax.

If the photographer has shot your venue before, it's nice but not important - skilled photographers adapt on the fly. I always prefer shooting in a new space.

- Backup Equipment
If there's damage / malfunction / theft, you don't want them using their starter camera that hasn't been touched in years, or worse - no backup at all. The same goes for the rest of their kit. Most professional cameras record to two memory cards to protect against card corruption or loss. There are no do-overs in weddings, so this is essential. If you're interested in what's in my bag, the details are here.

- Data Backup
Images should exist up at least once onsite and once offsite. I keep images twice at home and also back them up to cloud storage the day after the wedding. I keep the original memory cards untouched until the wedding is delivered. By then, your online gallery is also a backup. Your photos should always be safe - from spilled drinks, misplaced cards, fire, flood, theft or disk failure. I regularly hear of 'professional' photographers losing images. Protection is easy but it comes at a cost and not all photographers are as careful as they should be.

Once you receive your files, make a copy at home and keep a copy offsite as well.

- Fully Insured
Self explanatory.

access to full galleries

Every year I deliver over 30,000 images, but my portfolio has just 196. Portfolios give you the gist but they're not the same as a full gallery. With enough weddings, anyone can rack up a nice highlight reel. Looking at a wedding day start to finish is how you know what you're going to get.

- Do the photos show the story of the entire day?
- What is the image quality like? (crisp focus, pleasing backgrounds)
- What about photos taken in low light? Does the quality drop off for night photos?
- Can they show examples of weddings in difficult weather?
- Is there proper coverage of the guests or is it all focused on the couple?
The best results will always come from a couple and photographer who trust each other. Find that, and everything else will come easily.
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