Farm Shed Wedding ~ Shelley & Kane

Farm Shed Wedding ~ Shelley & Kane

When a florist marries a carpenter, this is what you get.

From the moment I started chatting with Shelley her brain was overflowing with wedding ideas, and she could barely verbalise them fast enough. At times in the leadup there were so many elements being conceptualised that I wondered how many would actually make it into reality, and how they would fit together. As it turned out, basically everything – and it was stunning.

Shelley & Kane’s country wedding was at Kane’s parents’ property, just out of Gloucester. The shed had been completely transformed; the carpark turned into a temporary ceremony space. There was barely a corner unadorned with some piece of handmade beauty. It was a day filled with family, flowers, friends, food & some more flowers. So many flowers. All crafted by Shelley herself, of course. We wandered through the paddocks of the farm for photos. I climbed the ladder to the iconic family treehouse, and stepped carefully on some aging boards that looked like they’d seen better days. By the end of the night, they surprised their guests with an awesome fireworks display and topped it off with some dancing on top of the bar.

Doesn’t get any better than this.

Venue : Faulls Ridge
Hair : Chantelle Franks
Makeup : Divine Beauty
Flowers : Shelley Thompson
Celebrant : Ty Soupidis
Catering : Fox Den
Cake : Clare Deen
Desserts : Margo Cameron
Music : Maddy Andrews
DJ : AK Morris
Dress : Carla Zampatti


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  • Jan Turner
    What a stunning venue much to enjoy ... beautiful property .... perfect moments caught on camera by a special photographer