Customs House Wedding ~ Phil & Stu

In the months and years that pass after I photograph each wedding, there’s always a particular moment in the day that springs to mind when I think back to it. For this day, it was during the ceremony. In many ceremonies it’s the words in the vows that feel emotional, but this came just before that. When it came time for Stu to say his piece, he paused for some time and took a long look at Phil. They had been together for 26 years already. I can’t begin to understand what that must be like, but the pause helped me to appreciate the significance of the occasion even more. To me, the pause said that this day wasn’t being taken for granted. It had been a long time coming, and they wanted to soak up as much of every moment as possible.

This day was filled with joy from start to finish. The boys got ready together and I loved watching their movements mirror each other. The feelings of the guests clearly matched my own in the ceremony – everyone was stoked to be there. There was no wedding party, so it was amazing to just stroll my favourite streets in Newcastle East and catch some afternoon sun while we shot portraits. Coincidentally, markets were being held outside their venue. Music was playing and it felt like the whole city had joined in the celebration. Such a special day and one I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of.