There are some traditions that make no sense at all. Throwing wedding confetti is one of them, but it’s fun and it looks cool so we may as well keep it around. Walking back down the aisle under a storm of confetti can make for amazing photos, but it can be a hit-or-miss scenario. Here are a few steps to get the absolute best photos out of this moment.


Many wedding venues will actually have a policy as to whether you can throw confetti, or limit it to certain types / materials. This can be frustrating, but if you imagine scooping up hundreds of pieces of confetti every weekend it makes perfect sense. If your venue has restrictions, there are a few alternatives –

  • Have your guests blow bubbles. You can buy regular bottles, larger bubble wands or even bubble guns that pump them out automatically. This does involve a bit of luck with the wind, but the results can be spectacular.
  • Have a sparkler session during the reception, or as you exit.
  • Some venues just ask that you use eco-friendly confetti that breaks down naturally.


Confetti should be physically large so it photographs well, and falls down slowly so there is more of it in the air at once. Smaller materials such as rice, grains, bird seed, lavender or hole-punched leaves are small and fall quickly – I’d avoid these completely.

Using tissue paper fits both of these requirements and can be eco-friendly and water-soluble.

Using whole leaves or petals also works really well.


The more the better. Extra confetti can cover up issues with timing or wind. If you have any left over your photographer can always use it for other photos later.


The most important part is that everyone throws at the same time. Wedding guests have never practiced this, they only get one chance and they might already be a few drinks in. Whoever is running the show needs to give clear instructions. They need to

  • Make sure guests actually have the confetti. Many a time, boxes of confetti are left unused because no one handed it out.
  • Tell guests to take it out of any cups/cones it has been given to them. It works much better being thrown by hand.
  • Tell them to throw it high in the air, resisting the urge to aim for the face.
  • Count them in, and tell them what count to throw on (ie are we throwing on THREE, or one-two-three-THROW).
  • Give the throwing instruction as the couple are already partway down the aisle.

Good material + quantity + timing = success.