Armidale Wedding ~ Nikki & Tim

Armidale Wedding ~ Nikki & Tim

This Armidale wedding will always be a favourite of mine. The best part about my job is that it’s more than just a job. To do this properly, your heart has to be in it. You need to put everything into each wedding, but more importantly your couples need to be onboard as well. Without trust between the subject and photographer, the photos will always fall short. Thankfully for me, Nikki & Tim are one such couple who were willing to trust me completely. For a weekend in October 2017, they brought me into their lives and I’ve been burning to share that memory here ever since.

The wedding was in Tim’s hometown of Armidale. I dropped by on the Friday arvo to see the marquee already rigged up and the finishing touches being added. There was barely a blade of grass out of place. I met the dogs, took a drive around, and ended up back at the pub for some wedding-eve drinks. Everything was set. The wedding day itself was perfect – there were so many elements that came together to truly represent their relationship. Nikki in the dress her Mum had sewn herself. The dogs running around to greet everyone, the photos on Nikki’s favourite street at her old uni. The fact that we were in Tim’s parents’ actual backyard, and rounding out the night with Nikki swooning like a schoolgirl as she watched Tim & his band perform a set. The more that I chatted to everyone the more I realised that people had come from everywhere and all corners of the globe to be there. The speeches weren’t written by Google, the vibes were heartfelt. It wasn’t a wedding aiming to tick off the boxes but rather people just having the time of their lives, the way a wedding should be.

After all was done and dusted, we caught up for breakfast so I could deliver their album. It’s a pleasure seeing the photos come full circle and working with people who just ‘get’ it.

Anyway, you get the gist. These guys are legends and I love country weddings. Here are some photos.

Celebrant : Kim Bastock
Videographer : Little Fish Entertainment

If you’re planning your own Armidale wedding, I would love to be there! Here are some tips on planning your timeline to get you started.