all about your online gallery

Wedding photography is a little different to how it used to be a generation or two ago. My Grandma is persistent in letting me know that at her wedding, she got one photograph taken and that was it. For my parents', a few rolls of film worth. And now, full day coverage generates many hundreds of images. But the thing is, once you have them, what exactly are you going to do with them? Online galleries are one component in the answer to that question.
how it works
When the edits on your photos are complete, I upload the entire set to a section of my website, Your gallery will have a unique address, as well as a password so you can control who has access. My contract guarantees them to be online for at least 3 months, but in reality I'm still hosting galleries for every wedding I've ever photographed. As long as I'm still a photographer, your gallery will likely still be there.
Having the photos available in this way makes it incredibly easy to share them. Everyone can see the photos as soon as they're available, without you having to send a bunch of emails or take the time to upload hundreds of images to Facebook. On the day I try to photograph as many guests as possible  - this is the easiest way for them to actually get a hold of those photos.
The photos in the gallery are full resolution - this means they are the same quality as what I have on file, and the same as what's on the USB that I also send out. This has a few cool benefits :

- If you lose your wedding USB, you're only ever a few clicks away from downloading them again. I strongly recommend making backups of your wedding USB anyway though - downloads can be slow (especially in Australia) and you can never have too many copies!

- Your guests can flick through and download that photo I took of them and their partner, for free.

- The gallery will look awesome whether you're showing people on your phone or on a computer.
Having the images online is great to share quickly but it's not the same as holding it in your hands. There are two main options that you and your guests have for getting images into the real world.

1. Download the file for free, and make a print at any lab you like. A word of warning, prints from Officeworks / Big W / etc look absolutely awful. You'll save a few cents and the print will be terrible. If you live near Newcastle, you can't beat Pro-Am at Adamstown.

You can download images one at a time by first clicking an image to bring it up larger, then use the 'Download' link directly above. Or if you'd like a whole bunch, click 'select photos' first, click the images you'd like, then 'download' back at the top of the screen.

2. Order a print online and it will be posted directly to you. Follow the same steps as above but just hit 'buy' instead of 'download'.