2018 ~ year in review

2018 ~ year in review

The year of anticipation.

49 weddings, 38 portraits, ~42000 photos delivered.

I was shooting a wedding in April when Liv called to tell me she was pregnant. Luckily I was driving, so I could even take the call. It became a year of planning, of discussion, of doctor’s appointments. Rearranging our lives to make space for a new Howland. Working harder than I ever have before. We tried our best to savour all the things that are easier with just two of us – eating out, travel, sleeping. We squished in visits to Tassie and NZ which were gorgeous as always.

Those numbers above made 2018 my busiest year yet. I got to photograph my first legally-binding same-sex marriages, which was fucking incredible. I was there on the very first day it was possible, as Prue & Celeste legalised their existing marriage. Stu & Phil got engaged the day the plebiscite result was returned, but before hearing the news. After being together for 26 years, they married in March and there was not a dry eye. Hearing the new words ‘between two people’ makes me immeasurably happy every time. I had weddings with alpacas, horses, snakes, cows and corgis. With miniature trains, with shots of tequila, with the best sunset I have ever seen. Every year I am blown away with the trust that my couples put in me. Thank you so much for always obliging when I ask for one more photo, and another one after that. Even if it’s in the rain or up a hill or past a whole lot of cow shit. I owe everything I have to you fine people.

I also want to thank the amazing family of vendors who I work alongside. I’ve been doing this gig a while now and it’s very rare to not see at least one familiar face each weekend. Having a solid team makes each day perfect for our couples. Your passion and creativity push my photos even further.

I had this post prepped a week or two ago, but was waiting for one final image to add. On December 27th, 11 days overdue, Hazel joined our family and changed our lives forever.

I’m sure 2019 will be a whirlwind of change. I can’t wait.


  • What a great year! Beautiful images dude =)
  • Tania
    Congratulations Ben. What a big year it was for you. You have captured some very special treasured moments ❤️
  • Narelle
    As usual Ben you’ve managed to capture the very heart of happiness on the most special day for these couples and their families. Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of baby Hazel. You are right, your lives have been forever changed, but oh so wonderfully
  • Beautiful collection my friend! You’re definitely at the top of the tree. It was a pleasure helping you out on those few occasions this year.
  • Best year. So happy for you and Liv as well. The future is bright ????
  • Thomas Rumbel
    Myself, Erin and our family and friends can't thankyou enough for what you've done for us in 2018! So many amazing photos and so many amazing memories! Congratulations on all your achievements, you've deserved them!
  • That photo of Lucas welling up was my pick from Emma and Lucas wedding too. Incredible.
  • Lauren Johns
    Bloody beautiful Ben!