2011 – Year in Review

2011 seems to have left as quickly as it arrived, although plenty of action managed to fit within it. I changed my course at uni, left my part-time job to pursue photography 100% and took my first trip overseas in quite a few years. As always though when reminiscing, it is not the locations, the details, the clothes or the purchases that come to mind. It is the people. The people that surround me every day, and the new additions who I am so privileged to meet. To all of the clients who have trusted me to tell their story, I extend my utmost of gratitude. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what it is that I love so much.

As per my post last year, I thought I would review the work I have done in the year just elapsed. However, blogging a selection of my favourite or best images seemed a little repetitive, as many have been posted on the blog already. So, I have taken a sample mostly of my personal work that I haven’t published before, along with some commissioned work that didn’t quite get to the pages of the blog beforehand.

To 2012.


  • Jan Turner
    exceptional selection of photos ....
  • Laura
    Yay I featured :)
  • Laura
    I love numer 44 - absolutely gorgeous!